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Basic Info

| English | Immigrant

I was born and raised in England and lived there for 25 years before moving over to the USA to get married and live with my husband.
I was diagnosed with Autism (Level 1) at the age of 29 after my diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder was removed. I'm still not sure that's accurate.
I've been doing art and playing games since I could use my grubby hands, and sometimes I use those skills for good.
I would really like to switch to Linux, but Clip Studio Paint is my baby and it isn't supported yet. Maybe one day?
My dream as a kid was to be a game designer, and while I'm sad that never happened, I am equal parts relieved it never happened. Hearing about the shitshow at Blizzard made me realise the industry has a misogyny problem larger than I originally thought.

I mainly made this website because social media has a very large negative effect on my mental health, and I wanted a space for me to just exist without worrying about the opinions of some random person who is constantly looking at things to nitpick to start fights.



English European Rooster Married Mentally Ill Neurodivergent Neuro Disorder Language Learner Trans Non-binary Non-trinary Abinary Maverique


Pokemon Half-Life Final Fantasy Phasmophobia Undertale and Deltarune Portal Dead by Daylight Minecraft Animal Crossing


Warrior Reaper Black Mage Dancer Blue Mage Dragoon credit


  • Hot Weather
  • Noise
  • Marmite
  • YouTube sponsership segments
  • Bloober Team
  • Konami
  • Maths
  • The UK Government
  • The US Government

Fun Facts

  • My first ever memory is of me shitting myself while wearing a nappy. I am very sophisticated.
  • My thumbs are hypermobile.
  • The first and only mod I've ever made is "Swedish Vallhunds" for Rimworld.
  • I first came across Nyan Cat when it was at 14k views on YouTube.
  • I was very involved in the dolls community as a kid, and drew custom dolls a lot.
  • I used to be a regular in the DeviantArt Complaints forum.
  • The most amount of cats I have owned at one time was 14.
  • I only tried a corn dog after living in the USA for 4 years. They're ok.

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